Your Main Street on MainStroll

MainStroll aggregates and hosts immersive browsing and shopping experiences (a “Stroll”) designed after your real-life Main Street. Anyone near or far can visit your Stroll, learn about the shops and people that make it unique, and support your community by shopping with your business just as if they were there in-person.

Our Approach


Each MainStroll neighborhood is modeled after the characteristics of your community to immerse users no matter where they are.


MainStroll showcases the strength and variety of a community, collectively.

Related products, businesses, and offerings are easily connected through neighbors and nearby communities.


Embrace the digital tourist by providing access to your neighborhood where users can explore and find what they love.

No longer be limited by foot traffic and traditional forms of tourism.


Comprehensive digital campaigns allow us to target relevant markets that want to explore and shop within your community.

As online sales and visibility for your Stroll increase, we hope to create a positive economic impact through tourism and small business spending.

Main Street Partnerships

If you are a Chamber of Commerce, Business Association, Retailers Association, or similar organization that provides resources for your local businesses and are interested in MainStroll for your community, please email us! MainStroll is happy to work with you to assist in outreach, exclusive membership incentives and additional technology tools and resources for your members. For more information, kindly email

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