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How did MainStroll find my business?

MainStroll is a search engine that scours the web and aggregates the best of what our Main Street businesses (like you!) have to offer. When MainStroll features a neighborhood, we find the best local businesses and basic public information about them within that locale. This information may include your website, business phone, physical address, and general offerings. If your website also sells items online, our technology may have crawled your website in order to share those items and help our users connect to your business so they can shop with you more easily!

MainStroll is a free informational website and our goal is to connect consumers who care about shopping small with you and your fellow Main Street neighbors. We especially care about and respect your business and therefore take extra precautions to avoid consumer confusion and make sure your offerings are accurately displayed and linked to your site. Our services are entirely free to use and zero transactions are placed through our website.

If you do not want your business to be on MainStroll, you may opt-out at any time.

Does MainStroll take any commission or percentage from each sale or click-through?

No. We are proud to say MainStroll does not take any commission or percentage from products listed on our site.

MainStroll is free to use for businesses and consumers. We are run by a small team who care deeply about supporting our Main Streets nationwide and making Main Street more accessible online.

What Can I List on MainStroll?

MainStroll is a place to showcase all of the wonderful, unique, and interesting items that make your small business the place it is. From fashion to fine jewelry, artwork, skis, spa treatments, nearly anything on Main Street can be found on MainStroll.

MainStroll is partly curated. This means we review every item submitted prior to publication on our platform. We want to see the best of what your Main Street business has to offer and that includes an incredibly wide range of products, services, tours, food, and more.

That said, we do have a list of prohibited items that are not allowed on our website. Listings containing these items will not be approved.

Prohibited Items: Herbal Drugs, Drug Paraphernalia, Medical Drugs, Live Animals, Items made from Human Remains, Dangerous and Hazardous (explosives, gases, toxic substances, radioactive material), Weapons (guns, knives, clear weapons), Hate and Violent Items, Pornography, Illegal Items.

Product Images and Listing Information on MainStroll

MainStroll does not upload nor internally host any images featured in product listings. MainStroll respects the intellectual property rights of others.

MainStroll does not internally host or save listing images from Merchant's external websites nor offers a cart and checkout option within our platform. Every product links directly to the product page on the business’s primary website for further information. Product information, including price and stock (when available), is checked and updated regularly on MainStroll. Listings are set to be automatically removed from our site when it is detected as out-of-stock or removed on the business’s website/product page.

Update My Business’s Information

To update your business’s storefront information, navigate to your Merchant Portal > Storefront > Select the “Edit” Icon underneath the address of the Storefront you want to edit. Once finished, click “Submit” to update immediately.

How do I create a business account?

Creating a business account on MainStroll is easy. First, see if your business is already on MainStroll. If so, claim it and quickly register for your free merchant account. If your business is not represented on MainStroll, fill out the application form here. Every business is reviewed and approved by our team. To save time, make sure you are eligible to participate before you begin.

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